Winter warmer recipes

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Now that the clocks have gone back, the days are becoming shorter and the nights are darker. Winter is on its way. And as the temperatures drop, the refreshing salads and light bites of summer aren?t quite as appealing as they were a few months ago. Instead, after a busy day out at uni, you probably want to come home to a hot, hearty meal to warm you up. But if you?re stuck for ideas of what to cook, look no further. Here are some of our favourite winter warmer recipes?


Image: GoodtoKnow

If there?s one recipe that is sure to warm you right through to the core it?s one for soup. Quick, easy and cheap to make, soup is a winter favourite for most people. And a recipe such as this one for a tasty broccoli soup is packed with nutrients, making it a great choice if you?re looking for a healthy meal.

Baked chilli & jacket potatoes

Image: BBC Good Food

As winter approaches, it?s not just us reaching for our jackets. Even the potatoes are too! Jacket potatoes are a timeless classic for students and for the winter months. They?re quick and require little effort to make, and the choice of toppings they can be combined with are endless. One of our favourites are these baked jacket potatoes with chilli.

Beef stew

beef stew
Image: Jamie Oliver

Nothing says winter?s here more than a classic beef stew. It might take a few hours to cook, but once it?s prepped there?s not much work involved; you just have to sit back and let the oven do its thing. So, if you?re in for the day working on an assignment or revising for an exam, chuck it in the oven and when you?re done for the day, your stew will be ready, waiting for you to enjoy.

Mac ?n? cheese

macaroni cheese
Image: BBC Food

A hearty meal that?s quick and easy to make, this mac ?n? cheese recipe is the ultimate comfort food and there?s enough to share with your flat mates too. If you?re after a vegetarian recipe, simply swap the cheese for a vegetarian cheese and you?re onto a winner.

Apple crumble

apple crumble
Image: BBC Food

Winter warmer recipes aren?t limited to just main meals. When it?s cold outside, it?s a great excuse to indulge in a hot dessert too. And we think you?ll agree, you can?t beat the taste and nostalgia of the all-time classic, apple crumble. The question is will you serve it with hot or cold custard?

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