3 fun and tasty festive treats to bake at home


There?s no better excuse to indulge in some treats than at Christmas. After all, that?s what we spend a lot of the festive period doing ? eating! And although shop brought treats are tasty, there?s nothing more satisfying than biting into a freshly, home-baked treat. That?s why we?ve scoured the BBC Good Food site for some quick, easy and very tasty snacks you can bake during the holidays!

1. Rudolph shortbread
Christmas wouldn?t be Christmas without biscuits. And here in the UK, shortbread is one of the nation?s favourite. But how about taking the traditional Scottish biscuit, adding some sweets to the top and turning them into Rudolph lookalikes? You can even wrap them up and give them as a novelty Christmas gift! For the full recipe click here.

2. Christmas pudding Rice Krispie cakes
It?s likely that not everyone around the table will like the traditional Christmas pudding. So for those who don?t, how about a delicious alternative? Keeping with the same look as the classic pudding, these Rice Krispie cakes are an easy to make, modern take on a classic after dinner indulgence ? and they taste great too! The question is, will you choose the modern or classic Christmas pud?

3. Cheese stars
Christmas baking doesn?t have to be just sweet treats ? it can be savoury snacks too. So for those of you with less of a sweet tooth, these cheesy savoury stars are perfect for parties and grazing on over the holidays. Ok, so this recipe uses ready-made pastry sheets, which some might call cheating – but we call it saving time. After all, less time baking = more time eating!

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