Tech essentials for students this semester


If you’re starting university next month, or perhaps you are returning for another year, then you’re probably starting to think about what you need to take with you. Gone are the days where preparing for the new term of university is solely about stocking up on notepads, binders and highlighters. Now a days, a combination of different tech gadgets and apps are top of the list. Along with the laptops, smartphones or tablets that you will likely have, here are some extra gadgets to add to your list to make your university experience even more productive?

Mobile charging case
Don?t be left without any battery on your mobile, make sure you?re fully charged all day and night so that you never miss a conversation, social update or Snapchat again! With chargeable cases available to clip onto your mobile, you can get up to an extra 24 hours of talk time on your phone with just one charge!

USB drive
The last thing you want is to spend hours working on assignments, projects and dissertations, for all of your hard work to be lost because of a technical glitch with your computer. To prevent any work from being lost forever, keep important documents backed up using a USB drive.

Portable keyboard
Travelling on a train? Sat in a lecture? Or setting up base in a coffee shop for the afternoon? With an attachable keyboard, turn your iPad or tablet into a portable workstation so you can continue to get things done from your device, no matter where you are.

If you need to get your head down and focus on university work, then get your hands on a pair of headphones and plug in. Having headphones in will not only allow you to listen to your own music and zone out from your surroundings, but it will also help to indicate to others that you do not wish to be disturbed.

While most universities have printers available to use for a small fee, you might want to consider investing in your own. It will be more convenient to print from your own room instead of trekking to the university building ? especially if you?re up all night finishing off last minute assignments. With small printers available for around ?30, having your own printer may even work out more cost effective in the long term!

Activity tracker
OK, so it?s not essential, but with all that walking to and from university, why not track it? Purchasing a Fitbit or similar device will allow you to wirelessly track all of your activity. You can track steps walked and steps climbed, and you can even monitor things such as the quality of sleep you?re getting!

So, whether you invest in just one or all of the above items from the list, stay connected and be fully prepared for the new semester this September – and have your most productive year yet!

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10 top travel destinations for students


With university finished for the year and the sun shining, that summer feeling has well and truly kicked in; and the need to travel is a must. But if you?re not sure of which direction to head, we have found a few places where you can enjoy the summer break:

1. Cornwall, England
Where else in the world can you camp with a wonderful view for as little as ?9 a night? Cornwall is not only home to the famous Cornish pasties, but it has some of the most amazing views and beaches in England. It?s definitely worth a visit if you are looking for a beach break that is cheap, cheerful and worth every penny!

2. Malaga, Spain
Looking to party? Well look no further; Malaga in Spain is known for its vibrant nightlife. Plus, let?s face it, nobody parties like the Spanish! You can find cheap return flights with both Ryan Air and EasyJet, and if you book with a few friends and share an apartment, it?ll be a fraction of the cost compared to staying in a hotel.

3. Rome, Italy
If you?re looking for a city break or a location with a bit of culture, then look no further. Rome is one of the most traveled to places in Europe and with epic landmarks and architecture, it?s the ideal relaxing getaway. A book and a cocktail is all that is needed to complete the trip!

4. Valencia, Spain
Valencia is more of a quiet city break that promises sunshine, culture and walking tours around the old towns. To make this trip even better, you can stay with our sister site Victoria Hall Valencia that offers luxurious studios at competitive rates, why would you want to stay anywhere else?

5. Ibiza, Balearic Islands
Recommended by students as a cheap, yet full of fun and much deserved break, of course Ibiza was going to make it into the top 10. Wake up to beach views, spend your days shopping, and then turn up the heat in the evenings with beach parties, boat parties and dance until the early hours ? remember, nightlife starts at 12am! Plus, with Island Guides to show you where the parties are and what you need to do while you?re there, you can be sure to make the most of your trip!

6. Glasgow, Scotland
Are you a Hiker? A mountain climber? An abseiler? Well, Glasgow has it all. With panoramic views and a little Scottish culture that will get you doing the Highland Fling! You can also stay with us to keep costs down at?Victoria Hall Glasgow; student living just got better!

7. Cardiff, Wales
Cardiff is the capital of Wales, and is home to Europe?s largest waterfront development, Cardiff Bay. With plenty of must see tourist attractions ? from Cardiff Castle and The Principality Stadium, to the Doctor Who Experience and Wales Millennium Centre, there is something for everyone. So, whether you?re staying for a long weekend or just visiting for the day, Cardiff should be on everyone?s bucket list.

8. Paris, France
If you have never been to Paris, then this is a must. You have to go at least once in your life to see just how the French live. You?ll find fresh pastries on your door step and attractions such as the Notre Dame, Moulin Rouge and not forgetting the Eiffel Tower! Return flights from London start from as little as ?31 on SkyScanner, or you can take the Ouibus to Paris from London for only ?15!

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
One of the most traveled to destinations by students, you?ll never guess why? because of the well-known canals of course! Amsterdam is also known as a tolerant, progressive city with a diverse culture and an active nightlife (well that?s what the brochures say). You can also get the Ouibus to Amsterdam for just ?7 ? which is probably one of the cheapest trips to Europe.

10. Europe ? 30 countries, 1 Pass
If you really can?t decide where to go, then why not visit them all? Students can get a Global Pass from Interrail?which allows you to travel by train through Europe at a fraction of the cost. You only live once hey!

So, there you have it, 10 wonderful locations for you to visit this summer for a well deserved break. Getting away will allow you to relax and recharge your batteries ready for the start of university in September!

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7 tips on how to stay fit this summer


Summer is a great time to be healthy, get in shape and finally reach your New Year?s resolutions. Here?s a few top tips to help you out:

1. Stay hydrated
We all do it, when the days are hot, the only thing that pops into your head is food. Particularly in the summer months, it?s easy to mistake thirst for hunger. Just ask yourself before you reach for that burger and fries ?am I really hungry? Or do I just need a drink?? – 9 times out of 10, you?ll find you simply need a drink to rehydrate yourself and curb those cravings.

Top Tip: Try herbal teas as they have a lot of benefits and will also help keep you hydrated.

2. Exercise early mornings or evenings
Exercise should be included as part of a healthy lifestyle ? you?ll not only burn fat, build up and tone muscles, but you?ll also feel revitalised in the process. However, when temperatures are higher during the summer months, the best time of day to exercise with maximum affect is either early in the morning or later on in the evening. If you exercise during the day when the sun is at its peak, it is more likely to tire you out ? which may make you give up.

Instead, an early morning run will wake you up and energise you, so you?re ready for the day ahead. Evening jogs work in a similar way – they will help you to wind down and de-stress, which is just what you need after a long day.

Top Tip: 30 minutes of exercise a day can help you lose weight and maintain a balanced diet.

3. Eat healthily
A healthy and well balanced diet is essential if you?re trying to stay fit and healthy. They say 80% of getting fit is based on what you eat, and only 20% is dependent on exercise. So the next time you?re shopping for groceries, fill your basket with fresh and colourful foods such as green vegetables, fruit and proteins ? instead of junk foods high in fat and sweets or chocolates full of sugar.

Top Tip: Eat hydrating foods such as watermelon, tomatoes and cucumber ? not only are they great to snack on and for replenishing fluids, but many contain important vitamins and minerals.

4. Wear sunscreen
One of the first things you should buy if you are going on holiday or spending summer in the UK, is sun cream. The sun is great ? it can lift your mood and can help boost levels of vitamin D, but it can also be very harsh on your skin. When you?re out in the sun, you are exposing yourself to ultraviolet rays which can be potentially damaging to the skin, can age it prematurely and increase the risk of skin cancer. Wearing sun cream will help to protect you against the suns UV radiation and prevent it from reaching the skin.

Top Tip: If you?re out in the sun, make sure you use sun cream daily and regularly apply it throughout the day ? especially when it is really hot.

5. Create an exercise plan
It?s all too easy to say you?re going to get fit this summer and start working out or running, but without a plan in place, it?s even easier to make excuses and not see those ideas through to reality. So, set some time aside to create an exercise plan; decide what exercise you want to do, what days you will exercise, at what time, and for how long ? this way there will be no excuses and it will be scheduled into your week. If you are new to exercising, start slowly ? go for a short run or a light jog twice a week, and then increase when you feel like you can.

Top Tip: Focus on health, not weight!

6. Sing until your heart?s content
In a recent article, it was noted that everyone has a Beyonc? in them, can this be true? According to Beyonc??s father (Matthew Knowles), it is. Taking a one mile run and singing at the top of your voice will improve your vocal cords and send oxygen around your body, which will increase your stamina. Oxygen is one of two essential ingredients our cells need to survive, having only a small about of oxygen in our bodies can cause you to feel tired and exhausted. This is why we yawn, to get more oxygen inside our lungs!

Top Tip: Breathe in from your nose and out from your mouth, it will let more oxygen pass through your body.

7. Laugh
As one final tip, make sure you have a laugh! Not only is laughing the best medicine, it is also known for boosting your immune system, relaxing the whole body and relieving physical tension and stress.

Top Tip: Knock Knock jokes are always a good one!

Here at Host Wembley all our rooms have a purpose built study area as standard AND our students are able to take advantage of our clean and airy communal study areas. To find out how you can join our thriving student community please contact us today on 0203 475 5952 to arrange a viewing.

Hey Wembley, what?s on this summer?


Now that exams are over and you have days off to look forward too, why not plan a day out in Wembley? There?s more to do than you may think?

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

Obviously, you can?t come to Wembley and not visit Wembley Stadium! Not only is the Queen B making an appearance this summer but so is Rhianna and for all you sports fans the Rugby Champion Cup Final will also take place this summer so make sure you book your tickets now!

Wembley stadium also does tours around the stadium – If you have never been before, it can be really fun and over the last few years it has turned into a tourist attraction that attracts visitors from all over to see the ?Ring of Steel?.

London Designer Outlet

Designer Outlet

Shopping is always a good way to start the day, so why not head to the London designer outlet for something to eat and a couple hours of shopping. With designer brands from Kurt Geiger to Guess to Nike, there is something for everyone. The outlet is literally a five minute walk from Host Wembley and it may even turn into your local if you stay with us for next year!

Cineworld – Wembley

Designer Outlet 2

Fancy watching a movie? Cineworld is actually situated in the London Designer Outlet, which means you can make a day of it ? after all the shopping is done and you have had dinner at one of the many restaurants on the retail park, you can wind down with a movie of your choice and bonus you don?t even have to walk far!

Creams Caf?

Creams Cafe

Dessert Anyone? Creams Caf? is just around the corner from the outlet and has mouth-watering desserts that are perfect for finishing off a long day of shopping. From ice cream to waffles, they have it all!

Wembley Park

Wembley Park

Just minutes away from Host Wembley – Wembley park has so many things to see from restaurants, bars, shops and not forgetting the actual park where this year?s Colour Run 2016 will take place. Wembley park is known for its outdoor events such as Survival of the fittest and My Slice Fest so make sure you get involved this summer!

Who knew all this was so close to Host Wembley? If this isn?t enough, you can get on the tube and in three stops, you?re in central London!

Here at Host Wembley all our rooms have a purpose built study area as standard AND our students are able to take advantage of our clean and airy communal study areas. To find out how you can join our thriving student community please contact us today on 0203 475 5952 to arrange a viewing.

7 Tips on How To Manage Your Money


?Money!? Sounds good doesn?t it? It?s probably the best time of year, when the student finance loans clear into the accounts. Well, here?s a few tips on how to manage your money so that you know how much to spend when and where:

  • Rent Payments

This is usually the last thing on the list but making sure your accommodation/rent is paid on time can save a lot of hassle in the long run as you won?t have landlords chasing you for money. Just think, once it?s paid you don?t have to worry about it.

  • Transport

Make sure you get to Uni on time ? buying term passes in advance can save you having to worry about finding change for the bus when you?re running late for a lecture or even just going home for the weekend.

There are student travel cards available to help you reduce the costs of getting around London:

  • 16-25 Railcard???28 a year for a third off rail fares.
  • 18+ Student Oyster photo card??pay a ?10 admin fee for 30% off London travel card costs.
  • Young Persons Coach card???10 a year (plus ?1.50 p&p) for a third off coach fares.
  • To save a little more, plan ahead and book in advance if possible.
  • Food
  • Say NO to junk food ? Not only does it cost a lot but can also make you feel tired and worn out and stops the brain from working at its best.
  • Packed Lunches ? Making your own lunches can save money because you a spend ?5 to get bread, butter, ham and salad that can last you for the week rather you spend ?5 a day.
  • Buy in bulk (Not too much) then freeze meats ? This is a great tip because when there is no food in the cupboards, you can head to the freezer!

Check out the Tesco ? Recipes on a Budget for more easy budget-friendly food tips.

  • Study Essentials

Buying books and university materials can be quite pricey so why not try:

  • Heading to the university library and borrowing course books, then you can return them once you are done.
  • Attend a second-hand book sale ? many universities and student unions hold these events which allows you to buy the books you need at a fraction of the retail price. Plus, once you are done, you can sell them on.
  • Student Discounts ? Buy direct: some universities have shops that sell stationary and course materials on campus that are fairly priced. You can also get a NUS Extra discount card which can get you discounts on stationary, books, clothes and even going to the cinema.
  • Outgoings – Phone contract and credit card re-payments

Make sure that you always have enough in your account for direct debits, put reminders in your phone if it helps. It is a well-known fact that having your direct debits or payments go out on time without going into an overdraft can help your credit rating ? it may not seem like a big deal now but it will help you loads later on in life.

  • Savings

Even though you don?t want to, putting some money in your saving can really help, even if it?s just for a rainy day or when you?ve spent everything and waiting for the next student loan day. It can even help you save up for that car you?ve always wanted!

Getting into a routine of saving can help you prioritise your outgoings and when that gig/concert pops up that you?ve always wanted too, you won?t have to think twice about buying your ticket.

7)? Everything else?

Now that you have covered your necessary expenditures, its ?me time? you can enjoy what you have left over without even thinking about your out-going costs because you have them covered. It?s time to find out what?s going on at the SU or any events/festivals in your area. Here are some sites that can help you find out what?s going on near you:


Here at Host Wembley all our rooms have a purpose built study area as standard AND our students are able to take advantage of our clean and airy communal study areas. To find out how you can join our thriving student community please contact us today on 0203 475 5952 to arrange a viewing.

Stress Free Revision – 5 Top Tips


Even the thought of revision can sometimes start stressing us out, we dread it so much that we start to leave it until the last minute. Even though last minute revision may work for some people it is not recommended, if anything you will stress yourself out even more. This is why we have put together 5 top tips to help you study without the added stress:

1) Make a plan
First things first, create a study plan ? put together a timetable of all the exams you have and the dates you have them, this way you can prioritise what revision needs to be done as and when.

Find a routine that?s best for you! If you find that you are more productive in the mornings, then have a study session first thing before you break for lunch but if you find that you work better in the evening, make sure you break beforehand ? this way you have no excuses to go and get food or check social media which will distract you from your revision.

2) Stay Positive!
I know what you?re thinking ?easier said than done?! This may be true but staying positive and having a good attitude towards your revision and your exams will really show in your results. Remember, revision and exams will be a thing of the past in a couple of months!

3) Exercise
Physical activity is very important, especially during intense study and exam periods. Whether it is dancing in your room, going for a walk or a jog in the park it will increase your heart rate which will make your blood circulate faster. This means that the brain will get more oxygen which increases productivity and reduces tiredness and stress. Basically, you feel less stressed!

4) Time Out!
Two of my favourite words! Sometimes you just need to let your hair down and walk away from the books for a few hours ? shopping, cinemas, go and some spend time with your friends and family. Finding a balance with your study life is so important. When you spend too much time with your head in the books and in front of a computer screen for hours on end you?ll find you will get to a point when everything stops registering and all your notes just become words on a piece of paper. Take regular breaks and don?t feel guilty for the odd afternoon off from revision.
Remember, there is always a time you need to just stop and go to sleep ? this means not studying all night. Not having enough hours of sleep releases hormones that increase stress levels, speed up the heart rate and raises your blood pressure. So make sure you have an early night before your exams!

5) Snack on ?Brain Food?
This means swopping your junk food for healthier options like fish, almonds, yoghurt and fruit that will help keep your body and brain well-fuelled. Even though pizza and chips may seem very appealing ? you need to eat food that is going to help your brain work not put you to sleep!

Although, we all need a little treat now and then so when deciding what chocolate to buy, remember dark chocolate which is over 70% cocoa fights hormones in your body that causes stress like cortisol and has been known to help the body relax. Plus, chocolate releases endorphins that make you happy and it acts as a natural substitute to fight stress!

As a final tip, remember that being well hydrated is essential for your brain to work at its best. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout your revision and on the exam day.

Good luck!

Here at Host Wembley all our rooms have a purpose built study area as standard AND our students are able to take advantage of our clean and airy communal study areas. To find out how you can join our thriving student community please contact us today on 0203 475 5952 to arrange a viewing.

3 Fun things for students to do in Wembley


Life at University isn?t all about knuckling down to hard work (ok, it is a little bit about that, but bear with us).? Sometimes, a break from your studies is required, and that?s when it comes in really handy to have the delights of London right on your student accommodation doorstep.

Host Wembley is situated minutes away from Wembley Park Underground Station, which is served by both the Jubilee and the Metropolitan Lines (just 17 minutes to London Bakerloo). ?So, with that in mind, here are our top three things to do in or around Wembley when you want a little time off from your studies.

  1. When you?re studying, it?s easy to forget that some of London?s most amazing tourist attractions are also well worth visiting as a resident. Madam Tussaud?s Wax Works are just such an example.? This internationally famous visitor attraction moved to its present site in Marylebone Road in 1884, and has been entertaining Londoners and visitor ever since.? Where else in the world can you see the characters from Star Wars standing alongside Bollywood greats and The English Royal family?
  2. A few minutes walk away from your Host student accommodation lives the iconic Wembley Arena. Re-opened in 2006 following a ?35 million refurbishment including a new restaurant, bars and food outlets, air conditioning, new seating, as well as an impressive new piazza complete with ‘dancing fountain’, the world-famous indoor music venue has capacity for 12,750 and has a packed programme of top entertainment throughout 2015.
  3. It?s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of London, and sometimes it?s necessary to take a little quiet time out. The Neasden?Temple in Wembley?provides the perfect opportunity for this.?The temple, the first traditional Hindu Mandir one to be built outside of India, was constructed from two thousand tons of Italian marble and 3,000 tons of Bulgarian limestone; shipped out to India to be carved by 1000 craftsmen before being brought back to London where they were assembled like a 26,000-piece three-dimensional jigsaw. It?s a breath-taking architectural gem that has quickly become one of London’s must-see attractions.?It?s open 9am to 6pm daily, and visitors from all (or no) religions are welcome.
    Dress code: no revealing or short clothes.

There?s a whole lot more to Wembley than the above, of course, but we hope we?ve given you a little taste of inspiration for what your London student experience has to offer.

Top tips for international students adjusting to London living


London is like nowhere else on earth (well, it?s a little bit like New York, but our taxis are black, not yellow), and settling into this bustling metropolis can be quite a shock to the system.

Here at Host Wembley,?we?ll do everything we can to help you feel welcome and adjust to your new London student accommodation, and that includes blogging our top tips for settling in to the ?big smoke?.? So here goes nothing?

Attend your University?s welcome events.? You?re tired, you?ve barely unpacked your suitcase, and all you want is to lie back and catch up on some sleep ? why on earth would you abandon your lovely student accommodation to attend a welcome event with a load of people you don?t know?

We know, we know, but the only way you?re going to learn your way around student life and make new friends is by putting yourself out there.? Your university will offer orientation days/weeks, which will teach you about important issues like healthcare, immigration rules (for international students), welfare, opening a bank account, and police registration. There will also be social events to help you meet new friends and introduce you to the surrounding areas, such as social evenings, talks, campus and local tours.

Don?t forget that we?re also around 24 hours a day, and if you need any advice on anything, we?ll do our best to help, just pop down to reception and talk to us.

Personalise your room.? Ok, so we?re not talking about refitting your studio apartment with a Mezzanine level and hot tub, but little touches really do help keep home sickness at bay.? We provide pin boards for posters and mementos of home (postcards from loved ones work a treat) and personal items, like flowers, or keepsakes, really make a home your own.

Stay in touch. Here at Host Wembley we offer free Wi/Fi to all residents, so there?s really no reason not to drop your loved ones a quick Skype from time to time, just to let them know you?re settling in and enjoying your student living experience.? It?s also a great way to keep track of the gossip!

Join (start) a society. If you miss spending time with people from your culture, why not join an?international society? Most London Universities have one where you can find friendship, intelligent conversation, and news of things going on back home. Remember, though, that you will get more out of your time in London and improve your English if you mix widely with all cultures and don?t just stay with people from home, so try your best to make friends with other Curve residents (they?re not a bad bunch, we promise).

There are many weird and wonderful?student societies, beyond international ones (most will try and get you to sign up to them during Fresher?s week!)?? whether you want to discuss economics, build the Death Star out of Lego, raise money for charity, practice Origami, or even play football with robots!? Whilst not all the examples featured in education UK are London based, there?s nothing stopping you setting up your own!

Come and live at Host Wembley.? Ok, if you?re already a current resident, you?ll know this already, but here at Host Wembley we take all the stress out of student living, so you can concentrate on learning and enjoying your time studying in London.? Our custom built student apartments are safe and secure (we have a 24-hour staff presence, CCTV in all access areas, and secure key fob access to both the main entrance and your studio), and our all inclusive costs mean you won?t have to worry about paying utility bills on time.? We?re also incredibly popular with international students, so you?ll quickly find new friends and settle right in.

We hope you found our guide useful ? if at any time you?d like to book a viewing of Host Wembley, just fill out this form and we?ll come right back to you.