Which accommodation should you choose?


It?s the time of the year when A-level exams are finishing, the mad rush of getting ready for university begins and searching for accommodation is well underway. It can be a stressful time, but the decisions you make can be the most important of your life to date. Some students can?t wait to leave home, and some find the thought of leaving home rather nerve racking. But no matter how you?re feeling, you probably all have a few questions about starting university and finding the right student accommodation; will I need accommodation? Where do I start my search? What is private accommodation? What?s provided in halls?… and you continue to think these questions over and over again.

So, to help you make the right accommodation choices, we?ve pulled together a short list of things to consider if you?re getting ready to go to university.

Where is your university?
By now, you should know which university you will be hoping to study at in September ? providing you gain the required results. So, with this in mind, think about where that university is located and how accessible it is to you from your current home. Is it close enough to travel to on a daily basis? Or will you need to relocate to study in that city? Even if it is close enough to travel to, perhaps you still want to move out so you can gain the full university / student life experience.

Living at home
It?s not required for you to move out and live away from home for university. If it?s more convenient and cost effective for you to live at home whilst at university, then that?s a great option. Not only that, but whether it?s your parents, siblings, grandparents or even the family pet, you?ll have the support of your family at home whilst you work hard towards graduating. They will be so pleased with your accomplishments, and they?ll be there for you throughout the highs and lows of university life. And with living in the comfort and quietness of your own home and having your family around you, what more do you need to get through an eventful 3 years of university?

Living in university accommodation
If you have decided to move away and live in university accommodation, what a lovely experience that will be too. University residences are lively and busy environments with students from all different backgrounds living together. You?ll have the opportunity to meet new people and make friends with students in your accommodation and around the campus. You?ll be able to join in with on-site events, contribute to organising future events, and widen your social network ? it can be an amazing experience.

Living in private accommodation
As well as university halls of residence, as a first-year student you can also live in private student accommodation – like the type offered by ourselves here at Host Wembley. It may be a personal preference to opt for private student accommodation over university accommodation (due to factors such as location, on-site facilities, new and modern accommodation etc.), it could be that your university has an agreement with a private accommodation provider and therefore that accommodation is a preferred choice for students, or it may be that university halls are full and the only option left is private accommodation. But regardless of the reason why you live with us here at Host, you can enjoy hassle-free, all-inclusive student living.

If you?re looking for student accommodation in London for this September, why not stay with us in Wembley? View our?rooms?or contact us on +44(0) 20 3475 5952 or at?wembley@host-students.com?for more information.

Ready, set, book! Student accommodation now available for 2018-19


You heard it here first, we?re now taking bookings for the academic year 2018-19! So, if you?re searching for affordable student accommodation in London, look no further than Host Wembley?

All-inclusive student accommodation
Student living at Host Wembley couldn?t be easier. Simply pay your rent and we take care of the rest. There?s no need to worry about water and electric bills, or insurance and internet providers, we?re on it. Our all-inclusive living means you can focus on what?s important; your studies and being a student.

Here to help
At Host Wembley, our team is your team. You?ll find our friendly management team available onsite during the week days, as well as security onsite throughout the evenings and weekends. So, if you?ve got any issues or questions, we?re here to help and get things sorted, quickly.

We understand that student life can be an emotional whirlwind, that?s why we?re always on hand to offer good advice, or listen, when we?re needed. We?re here for all of our students ? even if it?s just to take delivery of your latest online order!

Located in the Wembley Park district, north west London, Host Wembley is conveniently located for you to enjoy student life at its best.

With Wembley Park tube station ? served by the Metropolitan and Jubilee Lines, just a 2-minute walk away, getting in and around London couldn?t be easier. Getting to university won?t be a hassle either as many of London?s universities and colleges are located close by including the University of Westminster, Birbeck, University of London, Middlesex University, UCFB Wembley, London School of Science and Technology and the Royal Academy of Music. But that?s not all?

You?ll find everything from designer shops and high street brands, to coffee shops, restaurants and even a cinema just around the corner at the London Designer Outlet shopping centre. And you can be sure to be part of the action when the world?s biggest sports and music stars are in town with Wembley Stadium and The SSE Arena, Wembley both right on your doorstep.

Time to rebook? Ready. Set. Go.Extend your stay at Host Wembley
If you?re already living with us, why not rebook and stay with us for another year? It?s not just first years who can stay at our student accommodation. We welcome students from all years and even postgraduates.

So, if you enjoy living at Host Wembley, why look anywhere else? You?re busy at university and meeting upcoming deadlines, and you really don?t need the added stress of house hunting. Plus, rebooking with Host is easy. Head to the online portal and log into your account, or pop down and speak with a member of the onsite management team here at Host Wembley and we?ll be happy to help.

Like the sound of our student accommodation at Host Wembley? Book your room today for 2018/19 or contact us on +44(0)20 3475 5952 or at?wembley@host-students.com?to book a viewing and for more information about living with us.

Moving into your student accommodation


Exciting times are ahead! It?s time to pack up and move into your new student accommodation and start the year at university. But moving in can be hectic; you just don?t know what you should and shouldn?t pack and so you end up packing everything.

While the fancy dress outfits and party games are important, there are some essential items and documents you must have with you when moving in. Keep reading to check you have everything you need and to ensure your move in day goes nice and smooth.

1. University identification/paperwork
Most accommodations require you to bring a copy of your university acceptance letter with you upon moving in. This is often required for proof of council tax exemption. If you don?t have this already, please request this from your university and ask them to confirm your acceptance in writing to you.

2. Valid ID (passport or driving licence)
You will not get anywhere without this! It?s important to make sure that you have this with you and you keep it in a safe place as you won?t be able to collect your keys at the accommodation without showing photo identification. And of course, you?ll need your ID for getting into clubs, pubs and bars for the fun activities that come after moving in.

3. Bedding and towels
To avoid spending extra money after arriving at your accommodation, it?s a good idea to take your bedding with you – including pillows, sheets, duvets and a bed cover. And don?t forget to pack some towels too! Some accommodations work in partnership with other companies who can supply bedding items for students. ?Here at Host Wembley we work alongside UniKitOut to offer students bedding packs (as well as kitchen and bathroom packs), and they?ll deliver your items directly to Host Wembley so you don?t have to worry about packing them. They?ll be here waiting for you upon arrival.

4. Outstanding payments and paperwork
It?s important that any required pre-arrival information and documents have been given to your accommodation before you move in. If the accommodation staff have received everything they need before your arrival, it will save you time and prevent any delays in checking you in. Waiting around is the last thing you?ll want to do, especially if you?ve travelled a long distance to get to your accommodation.

5. After you have collected your keys?
Check out your new room ? the place you?ll call home for the next year, and enjoy your first day at the accommodation. Say hello and meet our friendly team, they?ll be the ones to go to if you have any problems or questions, or simply fancy a chat throughout the year. And most importantly, meet your fellow residents. Knock on your neighbour?s door or pop down to the social spaces and introduce yourself. These people may not end up being your best friends but it?s nice to know there are people around you can talk to and enjoy student life with.

This is the new chapter of your lives, and we cannot wait to meet all of our residents on the check in day next week. We have been working hard to get things ready and are tired, but we are so excited at the same time!

Good luck everyone and our team at Host Wembley wishes you the best for your future.

Still looking for student accommodation in London? Why not stay with us at our student accommodation in Wembley? View our?rooms?or contact us on +44(0) 20 3475 5952 or at?wembley@host-students.com?for more information.

5 top tips for your final exam preparations!


Exams can be tense and stressful. You need to give them, and the revision your full attention to ensure you achieve your desired grades. Which can be hard, especially as those around you start to finish their exams, but you still have a few more to go. So, to help you make it over the final hurdle and ace the last of your exams, we have 5 top last-minute revision tips which you might find helpful in achieving your exam goals.

1. Stick to your study plan
Remember how organised and efficient you were back in March and April when you first started your revision? After already sitting several exams, your energy and motivation might be low and it can be easy to drift off course. But just because these exams are the last, it doesn?t make them any less important than the ones you?ve already sat.

So, if you haven?t already got a plan in place, it?s important to write a study plan. Think about what exams you have left and what areas of the subject you need to cover so you can go into the exam feeling confident. And if there?s a subject you?re less confident about, schedule more time into your plan to focus on it.

Having a plan drawn up will bring structure to your day and you?ll know exactly what topics you need to revise throughout the final days and weeks leading up to your exams. If you feel like you?ll be distracted at home, try going to the library or a coffee shop where you think you will feel more comfortable.

2. Use charts, diagrams and cue cards
Now that your revision is in full swing and you probably have a good understanding of the subjects being examined, why not scrap the reams of revision notes and condense key information into visual aids and cue cards?

Doing this will make your revision easier and less overwhelming. You?ll have all the key words written down, and when you see them it will prompt you to recall all of the other information associated with that topic. It will also help to highlight any areas that you can?t remember so well and perhaps need to spend a bit longer revising.

3. Work with others
Once you have set a plan and have your cue cards at the ready, organise a day or afternoon to study together with your friends. Working together will not only help you, but it can also assist your friends with the subject. You can test one another on the subjects and share ideas, information and revision tips. You may learn more about the subject by working with your friends. You may feel less pressured and stressed by working with others on the same subject or topic too, as you know you?re all in the same situation.

4. Look at past exam papers
Although you can?t predict the exam questions, you can get a good idea of what they might be like. Viewing past exam papers can be extremely useful. It will help you become familiar with the format and style of questions, and the topics that appear often ? meaning you may require more focus on them. Using past exam papers to practice can be valuable and effective, but you shouldn?t rely on these solely as they do change from year to year. The past papers can be found on your student portal and can be requested for additional support.

5. Take a break
Finally, it?s essential to take breaks in between your studies or you?ll end up going around in circles with the revision. Drinking water and eating nutritious food such as green vegetables regularly will help to maintain concentration levels and make you feel refreshed. Avoid the junk food as these will make you feel sluggish and unlikely to put you in the mood to revise! And when you really need a breather, step outside for some fresh air. Going for a small walk can be beneficial for you to work on a clear head!

No matter how you revise during the final days and weeks of your exams, we wish you all good luck with them. If you’re leaving us at Host Wembley, we hope you’ve had a wonderful year and if you’re staying with us for summer or in September, we can’t wait to have you living with us.?

If you’re still looking for student accommodation for September, then why not join our thriving student community? Here at Host Wembley all our rooms have a purpose built study area as standard and our students are able to take advantage of our clean and airy communal study areas. For more information please contact us on 0203 475 5952 or email wembley@host-students.com.


Where to enjoy Chinese cuisine in Wembley this Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is fast approaching ? this year, the first day of the New Year is on Saturday 28th January and it is the year of the rooster. So to get in the spirit of the Chinese New Year, below are some local outlets where you can indulge in some traditional Chinese food and drinks.

Ni Hao Wembley
From Vegetarian Singapore Fried Rice to Sweet & Sour Chicken, order your favourite Chinese dishes any day of the week. Open 12pm ? 11pm every day, and located just 6 minutes away from our student accommodation in Wembley, you won?t have far to go to collect your food. And for those days you?re not up for going out, you can even get it delivered.

Young’s Peking Restaurant
If you want to sit down and enjoy an evening meal out ? instead of a takeaway, head over to Young?s Peking restaurant. Located less than a mile away from our student accommodation, you?ll find this small and contemporary Chinese restaurant serving a range of classic Peking Chinese dishes.

Jimmy?s World Kitchen
Not your traditional Chinese restaurant, instead, Jimmy?s gives you a flavour of cuisines from all around the world. Here, you?ll find all of the Chinese foods you?d expect to find at any Chinese restaurant, with Italian, Thai, Indian, Mexican and many more dishes to enjoy alongside. What?s more, it?s all you can eat, and with prices starting from just ?9.99 per person, it?s well worth a visit.

Ping Pong
If you?re after a light bite to eat or a refreshing drink, then this is the place for you. Located in the London Designer Outlet, Ping Pong serves Dim Sum and a variety of fruity cocktails and Chinese teas ? perfect for a quick bite to eat after shopping or a light lunch with friends.

Host Wembley is the perfect student living choice for international and UK students looking to enjoy first class, fully managed student apartments at a reasonable price, yet within a minute?s walk of Wembley Park Underground Station, and easy access to Central London. To find out how you can join our thriving student community at Host Wembley please contact us today on 0203 475 5952.

3 fun and tasty festive treats to bake at home


There?s no better excuse to indulge in some treats than at Christmas. After all, that?s what we spend a lot of the festive period doing ? eating! And although shop brought treats are tasty, there?s nothing more satisfying than biting into a freshly, home-baked treat. That?s why we?ve scoured the BBC Good Food site for some quick, easy and very tasty snacks you can bake during the holidays!

1. Rudolph shortbread
Christmas wouldn?t be Christmas without biscuits. And here in the UK, shortbread is one of the nation?s favourite. But how about taking the traditional Scottish biscuit, adding some sweets to the top and turning them into Rudolph lookalikes? You can even wrap them up and give them as a novelty Christmas gift! For the full recipe click here.

2. Christmas pudding Rice Krispie cakes
It?s likely that not everyone around the table will like the traditional Christmas pudding. So for those who don?t, how about a delicious alternative? Keeping with the same look as the classic pudding, these Rice Krispie cakes are an easy to make, modern take on a classic after dinner indulgence ? and they taste great too! The question is, will you choose the modern or classic Christmas pud?

3. Cheese stars
Christmas baking doesn?t have to be just sweet treats ? it can be savoury snacks too. So for those of you with less of a sweet tooth, these cheesy savoury stars are perfect for parties and grazing on over the holidays. Ok, so this recipe uses ready-made pastry sheets, which some might call cheating – but we call it saving time. After all, less time baking = more time eating!

To find out how you can join our thriving student community at Host Wembley please contact us today on 0203 475 5952.

Flexible student living in Wembley


Studying in London next semester? Still need somewhere to live? At Host Wembley, we understand that some students prefer contract lengths with greater flexibility. That?s why we have studio and penthouse rooms available on short-term contracts from 7th January 2017 ? 1st July 2017; ideal for the second semester of the year.

Both our studio and penthouse rooms come fully furnished and with their own en-suite bathroom and kitchenette. And with our accommodation being all-inclusive, you don?t need to worry about the bills. Along with free Wi-Fi to keep you connected, and the communal TV, study and games areas, you?ll also get free access to the onsite gym.

In terms of location, you won?t get much closer to the action than our student accommodation in Wembley. Situated in Wembley Park, with Wembley Stadium, designer outlet, shops, restaurants, cafes and leisure facilities right on your doorstep. Making Host Wembley the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy student life in London.

And we couldn?t be better located if you?re studying at UCFB Wembley. Only a short 4 minute walk away, you won?t have far to go to attend lectures and classes. But that?s not the only one. Other nearby universities include the Royal Academy of Music, University of Westminster (Harrow Campus) and London School of Science and Technology – all of which are just a short journey away.

To find out how you can join our thriving student community at Host Wembley please contact us today on 0203 475 5952.

Things to do on a rainy day in Wembley


As the nights get darker and the days get shorter, it?s fair to say that summer is becoming a distant memory. And you can pretty much guarantee that they?ll be some wet days ahead. So if you don?t fancy stepping outside and getting wet, there?s lots to do right here at our student accommodation in Wembley.

Grab your trainers and water bottle and make your way down to our on-site gym. OK, so the views on the treadmill won?t be quite the same as running through the parks and streets of London, but at least you?ll stay dry! And whether it?s for 20 minutes or an hour, you can burn calories and enjoy your workout on the treadmill, bike, rowing machine and more.

Bake a cake
When it?s miserable outside, there?s nothing quite like spending time in the kitchen and doing some home baking to lighten the mood. From cupcakes to cookies, and brownies to muffins, get together with your flat mates and see who can bake the best treat. Check out some tasty recipes here.

Play a game
Being stuck inside when it?s raining doesn?t mean you can?t have some fun. Head to our games area and challenge your fellow residents to a game of pool and compete to become winner of the table. Not only is our games area a great place to spend a rainy day, but you?ll also be able to break the ice and get to know your fellow residents even better.

Sit back and relax
The best thing about a rainy day is you don?t have to do anything. It?s a great excuse to stay in and put your feet up. Whether it?s in your room or in our common areas, when it?s wet outside there?s no better time to take some time out to read a book, watch a film or simply have a catch up with your friends.

Here at Host Wembley all our rooms have a purpose built study area as standard and our students are able to take advantage of our clean and airy communal study areas. To find out how you can join our thriving student community please contact us today on 0203 475 5952.

Your move in day checklist


After weeks and months of planning and waiting, the time has come for you to leave home and move into your new home for the coming year. Whether you?re travelling 2 hours up the motorway, or flying half way around the world, you?ll want to have everything ready to make your move stress-free and to set yourself up for a comfortable and enjoyable year ahead.

So, before you hit the road, take a look at the list below and check you have all of the essentials packed:

1. Important Documents
When moving into your new accommodation, there?s some important documents you will need with you. Be sure to have copies of any correspondence with the university and/or Host, your university acceptance letters, as well as any loan and guarantor documents. You should also have the following items handy:

Photo id: Not only will you need identification for moving in, you?ll also need photo id to gain entry into the pubs, clubs and bars within the city ? without it you?ll likely be turned away.

Financial information: Pack your debit card and any online banking information you need to be able to access your money and bank account(s) – you won?t want to be left in on your own with no spending money while all of your friends are out enjoying themselves.

2. Clothes
It might sound obvious to pack clothes, but the last thing you want to forget is your best party dress or suit for the fresher?s ball! So, as well as packing all of the essential day-to-day clothes, here?s some extras to put in your suitcase:

A warm coat: After all, the UK isn?t best known for its tropical temperatures.

Party wear: University isn?t all about lectures and studying so bring some formal party clothes and your fancy dress costume, and be sure to let your hair down now and then.

Comfortable shoes: For walking to and from lectures ? you?ll be particularly grateful of them after a late night of dancing.

An umbrella: OK, not quite clothes, but still an essential wardrobe item when living in the UK ? you never know when it might rain.

3. Home essentials
Although some essentials?will be provided in your new home, there are some items you should bring with you.

Bed linen: Duvet, pillows, bed sheets, etc. – you?ll be glad to come back to a comfortable bed after busy days studying and late nights socialising.

Toiletries: Typical wash stuff; shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste? you get the idea, everything you need to stay fresh and clean.

Kitchenware: From cutlery and crockery to glasses and oven trays, pack the essentials needed to cook and eat a homemade dinner.

4. Personal
Moving into a new place doesn?t have to be all about the boring, essential things, add some excitement and give your new home that personal touch. Here?s how:

Games: From card games to board games, bring along some games to play with others and have fun; it will help break the ice with your fellow flatmates.

Photos: Put up photos in your room so you have some familiar faces and places in your new surroundings ? this will make you feel at home in no time.

Speakers: Listening to music is a great way to unwind and relax after a busy day, and is perfect for getting in the party mood before you hit the town for the night.

Here at Host Wembley all our rooms have a purpose built study area as standard and our students are able to take advantage of our clean and airy communal study areas. To find out how you can join our thriving student community please contact us today on 0203 475 5952 to arrange a viewing.

Get your new room university ready with UniKitOut


With move-in day less than a month away, it?s time to start thinking about what you?ll need to pack up ready for the year ahead, and how you?re going to get it to your new home. But what if you didn?t have to?

If you?re travelling from abroad, or even from within the UK, you can make your move stress free by pre-ordering a variety of student essentials from UniKitOut – and they?ll be ready and waiting for you in your new room on move in day.

Whether it?s duvets or saucepans that you need, you can find it all at unikitout.com, and what?s more, they?ll deliver it straight to your room at Host.? So, after just a few clicks of a button you can sit back and enjoy the rest of your summer as UniKitOut have your student home essentials covered.