Get your new room university ready with UniKitOut


With move-in day less than a month away, it?s time to start thinking about what you?ll need to pack up ready for the year ahead, and how you?re going to get it to your new home. But what if you didn?t have to?

If you?re travelling from abroad, or even from within the UK, you can make your move stress free by pre-ordering a variety of student essentials from UniKitOut – and they?ll be ready and waiting for you in your new room on move in day.

Whether it?s duvets or saucepans that you need, you can find it all at, and what?s more, they?ll deliver it straight to your room at Host.? So, after just a few clicks of a button you can sit back and enjoy the rest of your summer as UniKitOut have your student home essentials covered.

3 Fun things for students to do in Wembley


Life at University isn?t all about knuckling down to hard work (ok, it is a little bit about that, but bear with us).? Sometimes, a break from your studies is required, and that?s when it comes in really handy to have the delights of London right on your student accommodation doorstep.

Host Wembley is situated minutes away from Wembley Park Underground Station, which is served by both the Jubilee and the Metropolitan Lines (just 17 minutes to London Bakerloo). ?So, with that in mind, here are our top three things to do in or around Wembley when you want a little time off from your studies.

  1. When you?re studying, it?s easy to forget that some of London?s most amazing tourist attractions are also well worth visiting as a resident. Madam Tussaud?s Wax Works are just such an example.? This internationally famous visitor attraction moved to its present site in Marylebone Road in 1884, and has been entertaining Londoners and visitor ever since.? Where else in the world can you see the characters from Star Wars standing alongside Bollywood greats and The English Royal family?
  2. A few minutes walk away from your Host student accommodation lives the iconic Wembley Arena. Re-opened in 2006 following a ?35 million refurbishment including a new restaurant, bars and food outlets, air conditioning, new seating, as well as an impressive new piazza complete with ‘dancing fountain’, the world-famous indoor music venue has capacity for 12,750 and has a packed programme of top entertainment throughout 2015.
  3. It?s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of London, and sometimes it?s necessary to take a little quiet time out. The Neasden?Temple in Wembley?provides the perfect opportunity for this.?The temple, the first traditional Hindu Mandir one to be built outside of India, was constructed from two thousand tons of Italian marble and 3,000 tons of Bulgarian limestone; shipped out to India to be carved by 1000 craftsmen before being brought back to London where they were assembled like a 26,000-piece three-dimensional jigsaw. It?s a breath-taking architectural gem that has quickly become one of London’s must-see attractions.?It?s open 9am to 6pm daily, and visitors from all (or no) religions are welcome.
    Dress code: no revealing or short clothes.

There?s a whole lot more to Wembley than the above, of course, but we hope we?ve given you a little taste of inspiration for what your London student experience has to offer.

Top tips for international students adjusting to London living


London is like nowhere else on earth (well, it?s a little bit like New York, but our taxis are black, not yellow), and settling into this bustling metropolis can be quite a shock to the system.

Here at Host Wembley,?we?ll do everything we can to help you feel welcome and adjust to your new London student accommodation, and that includes blogging our top tips for settling in to the ?big smoke?.? So here goes nothing?

Attend your University?s welcome events.? You?re tired, you?ve barely unpacked your suitcase, and all you want is to lie back and catch up on some sleep ? why on earth would you abandon your lovely student accommodation to attend a welcome event with a load of people you don?t know?

We know, we know, but the only way you?re going to learn your way around student life and make new friends is by putting yourself out there.? Your university will offer orientation days/weeks, which will teach you about important issues like healthcare, immigration rules (for international students), welfare, opening a bank account, and police registration. There will also be social events to help you meet new friends and introduce you to the surrounding areas, such as social evenings, talks, campus and local tours.

Don?t forget that we?re also around 24 hours a day, and if you need any advice on anything, we?ll do our best to help, just pop down to reception and talk to us.

Personalise your room.? Ok, so we?re not talking about refitting your studio apartment with a Mezzanine level and hot tub, but little touches really do help keep home sickness at bay.? We provide pin boards for posters and mementos of home (postcards from loved ones work a treat) and personal items, like flowers, or keepsakes, really make a home your own.

Stay in touch. Here at Host Wembley we offer free Wi/Fi to all residents, so there?s really no reason not to drop your loved ones a quick Skype from time to time, just to let them know you?re settling in and enjoying your student living experience.? It?s also a great way to keep track of the gossip!

Join (start) a society. If you miss spending time with people from your culture, why not join an?international society? Most London Universities have one where you can find friendship, intelligent conversation, and news of things going on back home. Remember, though, that you will get more out of your time in London and improve your English if you mix widely with all cultures and don?t just stay with people from home, so try your best to make friends with other Curve residents (they?re not a bad bunch, we promise).

There are many weird and wonderful?student societies, beyond international ones (most will try and get you to sign up to them during Fresher?s week!)?? whether you want to discuss economics, build the Death Star out of Lego, raise money for charity, practice Origami, or even play football with robots!? Whilst not all the examples featured in education UK are London based, there?s nothing stopping you setting up your own!

Come and live at Host Wembley.? Ok, if you?re already a current resident, you?ll know this already, but here at Host Wembley we take all the stress out of student living, so you can concentrate on learning and enjoying your time studying in London.? Our custom built student apartments are safe and secure (we have a 24-hour staff presence, CCTV in all access areas, and secure key fob access to both the main entrance and your studio), and our all inclusive costs mean you won?t have to worry about paying utility bills on time.? We?re also incredibly popular with international students, so you?ll quickly find new friends and settle right in.

We hope you found our guide useful ? if at any time you?d like to book a viewing of Host Wembley, just fill out this form and we?ll come right back to you.