A-Level results day 2017 and the next steps…


For many of you, you?re probably anxiously awaiting your A-Levels results. Results day can be an exciting but intense day, with many students finding it a stressful time in their life.

Your A-Level results can be collected from your school or college, and if you have an online student portal, you may be able to access this to find out your provisional results. If you have applied to university through UCAS, you will be able to check the status of your application through UCAS Track from 8am on the morning of results day. Although this will allow you to see if you have been offered a place at university or not, it won?t give you the breakdown of your results.

To help make your results day less stressful and chaotic, below is some information on what you can expect and how to prepare for the big day.

First thing?s first, make sure that you are 100% aware of the date of your results day, because of course, that?s one date you won?t want to miss out on. For students in Scotland, the SQA results day is Tuesday 8th August 2017, and for students awaiting their A Level results, the date is Thursday 17th August 2017.

So, now you know the dates, here are a few things you can bring with you to school or college when collecting your results:

  • Don?t forget to take your mobile phone with you. You?ll no doubt need to ring all of your long-lost relatives to let them know how you?ve done. And of course, you?ll need it to snap a photo with your results and update your social media profiles to share with your friends and followers! You may also need your phone to make important calls to university and colleges to confirm your place or apply for clearing.
  • A notebook and pen in hand is a must. It?ll be handy to have in case you need to take note of important numbers, dates, references and information regarding firm and insurance universities details.
  • Bring someone along; girlfriend, boyfriend, parent, guardian, brother, sister, friend or even a neighbour! Having someone there with you for moral support is always a good idea; they can celebrate with you and can assist you when making future decisions.

Before starting your day, get some food in you. Whether you?re celebrating great results or making crucial decisions with what?s next, your day is going to be hectic and before you know it the day will have passed. So, don?t leave the house on an empty stomach, ensure you?re fully filled up and ready to face the day ahead!

Once you?re prepped, fed and ready to go, here are a few things you?ll need to know for actually getting your results?

  1. Don?t be late collecting your results. Check with your school or college to see what time they will be open from and get there on time. Arrange to meet up with your friends and fellow class mates and share the moment together!
  1. So, you got the results you needed and your firm choice has been confirmed? HURRAY!!! Well done and congratulations! Now, get the phone out, update your social media, call your parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends, and then go and celebrate.
  1. If you?re results weren?t what you were expecting, don?t be disheartened too soon! If you haven?t already done so, check your application status on UCAS Track as you may still have been accepted onto your firm or insurance course. If that?s the case, relax and celebrate – you did your best, you?re still going to university and you deserve every bit of celebration. Be sure to keep your phone line clear and avoid calling your university to check, as they will be busy updating thousands of records and you may be advised to hold for a very long time.
  1. If you didn?t get the grades you were hoping for, and you didn?t get accepted onto the courses you applied for, don?t panic! There are a number of options for you such as accepting your insurance place, finding a course through clearing, re-taking your A-levels or taking a gap year and applying for the following year. But most importantly, don?t give up! This is not the end, it?s only the beginning to a new chapter of your life ? so enjoy and make the most of it.

The team here at Host Wembley wishes all students the very best for your results and future plans. Don?t forget, after your place is confirmed at university, you may also need to consider a place to live. Why not stay with us at our student accommodation in Wembley? View our rooms or contact us on +44(0) 20 3475 5952 or at wembley@host-students.com for more information.