4 ways to get festive with your flat mates

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The first semester is almost finished, and the Christmas holidays are upon us. Many of you will be returning home to your family and friends for the break and leaving your student accommodation, and flat mates, until you return in the New Year. But before you go, why not have some festive fun with your flat mates to really get you into the spirit of things and end the term on a high!

1. Decorations
Nothing says Christmas has arrived in a student room more than tinsel draped around the doors and sparkly decorations hanging up. You don?t have to spend a fortune, pop to your local pound shop and pick up some decorations to spruce up your living areas. It?ll not only make you feel more festive, but you?ll no doubt have some fun putting up the decorations together.

2. Christmas Dinner
Have one last meal together with your flat mates and friends before you all head your separate ways for the holidays. Get together and agree on what food you?re going to buy ? after all, you don?t want to buy a bag of sprouts if no one likes them. The great thing about doing a joint Christmas dinner with your flat mates is that if you all put in money towards the food shop or if each person contributes one or two items, then it won?t cost you a fortune. With Christmas songs playing and everyone helping out in the kitchen, it?s a sure way to get you in the festive spirit!

3. Christmas Jumpers
Whether it?s a meal with your friends in your accommodation, a night out or an afternoon sampling the delights at the Christmas market, there?s always a good excuse to wear a festive themed jumper at this time of year. So, root through your wardrobe and dig out yours – don?t forget to get a group picture with everyone wearing theirs!

4. Secret Santa
Stuck for what to buy all of your friends? Can?t afford to buy something for everyone? Why not do secret Santa? In your group of friends, put everyone?s names in a hat and each pull out a name and you only have to buy a present for that person. Whether it?s ?5 or ?20, decide amongst yourselves what the budget will be and stick to it. Doing secret Santa means everyone gets a present, but you haven?t got to spend a fortune buying something for everyone.

No matter how you choose to get into the spirit of the season, we would to wish everyone a lovely Christmas and break over the holidays, and a very happy New Year.

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