3 tips to beat Results Day stress

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For a lot of you out there this is a very stressful time because A Level Result?s Day is just around the corner.?You?re probably going through every possible scenario in your head, over and over again – and who can blame you! This is something that will affect your future in every possible way, and that?s why this month we?ve put together 3 top tips to help you through this stressful time.

1. Have the right attitude
What?s done is done, and what needs to happen will happen. You have worked hard and there?s nothing more you can do at this point to change your results. Now it?s just time to be confident and understand that if this is the path that you are supposed to be on then you?ve got this in the pocket.

If by any chance you don?t receive the results that you were expecting, then it?s a great way to learn and grow from the experience. Life didn?t go your way. Now what? Take a gap year? Resit your exams? Apply through Clearing? There?s so many options out there, but it?s your attitude towards these ?curve balls? that life throws at you that will determine your success in the future. If you really want it and if it?s meant for you it will eventually happen.

2. Get all your ducks in a row?
Results day will be busy, so it?s important you have everything ready beforehand. You?ll be tracking your results on UCAS, securing university places, confirming accommodation and probably speaking to a lot of people. Have things such as usernames or user IDs, login details and reference numbers handy and ensure all of your contact information is up to date ? it will make the process of speaking to people on results day a lot quicker and easier.

If you?re not available on results day, and someone else will be taking care of things for you, it?s worth contacting universities or accommodation providers such as Host prior to results day to nominate a person to speak about things on your behalf. Due to new GDPR regulations in the UK, staff might not be able to speak to anyone else about your application details unless there is prior consent.

3. Breathe!
The main purpose of breathing is to expel carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen with every single movement that our lungs make. The diaphragm is the most important muscle that allows us to breathe in and out.

A person?s breathing changes if they are under stress or if they are suffering from any kind of anxiety. If you are going through a similar situation you are probably taking small and shallow breaths and you are not using your diaphragm. If you are not breathing properly the repercussions can range from headaches, irritability and more stress! So just take a breather and relax! It will be alright. We promise.

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